MosBot – RPA Case Study

Creating the connection between Oncology management software (Mosaiq) and the hospital’s new web-based patient management system (WebPas).

Project name: MosBot

Client: MidCentral District Health Board (MDHB)

Location: Palmerston North

Approximate ROI: Estimated cost approx. $45,000. Estimated time saving 2.5 full time employees.

Industry: Healthcare

Description of project:

Mosaiq software was used at MDHB for patient and appointment management in Oncology. Approximately 200 staff were active users, located at the main hospital and satellite clinics throughout the district. An average of 400 appointments or appointment changes were logged in Mosaiq daily. Appointments were booked in Mosaiq and the resources were also logged onto an internal patient administration system (PAS). This was updated nightly via API.

A large project was running to replace the old PAS with a newer web-based PAS (WebPAS). As this did not have the facility to upload via API, an alternative was sought with strong encryption, patient management and error checking abilities.

Probotics, the RPA arm of Probity Consulting, was engaged to deliver a successful robot within six weeks. Complexity and risk were high as the WebPas implementation was not available for assessment during development. Patient welfare was a central theme, ensuring that critical appointments were not overlooked or double booked for any patient.

While the initial brief was for the development of the robot for a single clinic, the final robot serviced three Oncology clinic types, both onsite and at satellite clinics throughout the region.

Encryption and error checking was built into the robot, and any mismatches between systems are emailed either to the booking administrator or the systems administrator on the day they occur, by the robot.

The robot used was server-based and runs 24/7 without human intervention. Error logs and escalations are sent to the booking or systems administrator, as appropriate.

Cost of delivered services and benefits:

Total cost of delivery was approximately $46,000. The main driver was security, stability and low error rate of the system loading data between Mosaiq, the Oncology booking system, and WebPas, the hospital booking system.

The return on investment of this bot was approximately 270%.

Timeliness of delivered services:

The implementation of MosBot was contingent on the successful implementation of WebPas and was delivered on Sunday 10th December 2017, as requested by MDHB, ready in time for Monday’s busy clinics.

Benefits delivered:

  • The robot updates from Mosaiq to WebPas in real time, reducing information lag to a minimum.
  • Business rules for mapping from Mosaiq to WebPAS are clear and well documented.
  • Mapping tables are maintained from Mosaiq.
  • Stakeholders are able to have confidence that patient appointments are replicated within 15 minute intervals in both systems.
  • Operator checking is reduced to daily review of the robot comparisons.
  • The robot runs automatically 24/7 and has high accuracy with low maintenance requirements.

“We engaged Probotics to reduce work load in Oncology as we moved to a new patient admin system (PAS) and provide a receive function as the PAS didn’t have one.

The primary tool used by Oncology is Mosaiq. Our robot, known as MosBot, allowed the user to enter the data into Mosaiq and the robot then transferred the data to the patient admin system and carried out various checks and balances, providing the report via email back to the team.

Probotics were engaged late and prioritised the work that we required completing in a short time frame. Their process and teams worked well to meet our target dates and delivered to time and budget.

It’s very likely we will be calling on them in the near future to reduce clerical load in other areas of the hospital.”

Paul Roberts, RHIP Programme Director Information Systems, MidCentral District Health Board

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